Smooth Shapes


The stubborn Cellulite can be minimized using Smoothshapes which is a non-invasive Cellulite and body shaping system that combines vacuum, massage, light and laser to treat the stubborn fat cells that cause cellulite. The light and laser helps break the cell membrane of the fat cells and the massage and vacuum helps move them to the lymphatic system to be processed by the body.

Any skin color and tone can benefit from the treatment.

There is no anesthetic required. A hand held device that contains the vacuum, light and laser source will be applied to the skin and it will be rolled over the problem area for approximately 10-20 minutes each session.

What to expect and recovery period

There is little-to-no pain or down time. You will be required to drink lots of water to move the fat that was absorbed into your blood stream to be processed by your body.

A series of 3 consecutive treatment per session may be required to see any results and a maintenance treatment is suggested after 6 to 12 months.