What is Broadband Light Therapy, and how does it work for eye rejuvenation?

At Pua Manu MedSpa, our professionals, including our Board-Certified Eye Surgeon And Physician, Dr. Nancy Chen, provide options for treatment for those who struggle with certain eye issues, including stye eye, dry eyes, or meibomian gland dysfunction. To achieve results, we may recommend that patients consider the many benefits of broadband light therapy, or BBL, readily available at our office in Kapolei, Hawaii.

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How does BBL work for dry eyes, stye eyes, and other eye rejuvenation concerns?

With broadband light therapy or BBL, patients can enjoy a non-invasive and effective treatment for various eye concerns. This innovative technology uses high-intensity light to target and treat damaged tissues on the eye’s surface, promoting healing and rejuvenation. BBL delivers pulses of intense visible light that gently warm the affected area without harming the surrounding tissues. The heat generated from this FDA-cleared device will shut down vessels in the eyes and reduce inflammation in the glands. 

It also treats bacteria around the eyes that could be keeping them from being properly lubricated for optimum comfort. This eye rejuvenation treatment continues to be a safe and reliable treatment for patients who come into our office with specific eye-related concerns that might not always require surgical treatment.

Who is a good candidate for BBL therapy for eye rejuvenation?

When you schedule your consultation appointment with our team, you can take time to talk about your concerns and determine if broadband light therapy is the best solution. This light therapy can often be used on both men and women seeking eye rejuvenation treatments that are safe, effective, and non-surgical.

Work with our eye physician and Board-Certified Eye Surgeon to address dry eyes and meibomian gland dysfunction!

If you struggle with dry eyes or other similar and relatable conditions, talk to Dr. Nancy Chen of Pua Manu MedSpa to discuss the benefits of broadband and intense pulsed light therapy.

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