Facial fillers as an anti-aging treatment

Anti-aging treatments may seem like they are all around us. Television talks about over-the-counter products such as creams and other topicals that boast smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles. We may find ourselves spending hundreds of dollars on these items only to find that they are not working to turn back the hands of time. Alternatively, plastic surgery is a relatively expensive and invasive solution. Instead, Dr. Nancy Chen and her team at Pua Manu MedSpa work with patients in and around Kapolei, Hawaii, who are considering their options for smoother, youthful skin and may recommend solutions such as facial fillers.

What are facial fillers, and how do they work?

Anti wrinkle filler injection

Facial fillers, sometimes called dermal filler injections or hyaluronic acid fillers, are cosmetic injectables used at Pua Manu MedSpa to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles across the face. This anti-aging treatment does not provide permanent results but instead offers a solution that can work for several months before patients need to return for more injections. Most of our dermal fillers will last anywhere from four to six months, allowing patients to enjoy the results for quite some time before additional treatments are needed.

Dermal filler injections work by adding hyaluronic acid in a gel carrier directly into the folds and wrinkles of concern. This adds volume and smooths them away almost instantly at the medical spa office. The entire process takes just a few minutes and can provide patients an alternative to plastic surgery when they struggle with mild to moderate wrinkles across the facial area.

What about Botox anti-aging treatments?

Botox and Xeomin are injections also available at Pua Manu MedSpa and can be used in addition to dermal fillers. Botox and Xeomin are neuromodulators and work differently than dermal fillers as they are injected into the muscles to treat dynamic wrinkles and folds caused by muscle tension. However, they may also be utilized to achieve a “liquid facelift” for more dramatic improvements.

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Dermal filler injections and other anti-aging treatments are highly desirable for our patients, especially those aged 30 and beyond. If you have been considering plastic surgery to address fine lines and wrinkles, you may be a great candidate for hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and neuromodulators. Call Dr. Nancy Chen and her team today at Pua Manu MedSpa by dialing (808) 900-4351 and visiting the practice at 1020 Kakala Street, Suite #902.