Tighten the skin and body with SkinTyte treatment

Patients looking for a body sculpting treatment or a way to tighten loose skin on the face have options when they visit a plastic surgeon. However, not everyone is in the position to afford plastic surgery, nor does everyone need it. When you are seeking a minimally invasive or noninvasive alternative to plastic surgery to address body contours and skin laxity, you instead can visit the team at Pua Manu MedSpa of Kapolei, Hawaii, to discuss the benefits of treatments like SkinTyte.

What is SkinTyte, and how does it work?

Woman with perfect skin

SkinTyte is a treatment developed by Sciton using a device that emits laser broadband light energy. This energy will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, firming areas where the skin is loose and reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles across the face.

Where can SkinTyte treatment be performed?

SkinTyte can increase collagen production and break the stubborn fat pockets from any part of your body, including the neck. It uses broadband light technology to heat the dermis and activate new collagen and elastin production without pain or downtime. This is what makes it such a popular treatment at Pua Manu MedSpa!

What are the benefits of SkinTyte?

The SkinTyte treatment has several advantages for our patients, including:

  • Fast treatment performed by an experienced professional
  • No healing or recovery time is needed
  • Painless service that feels warm and comforting
  • Increased collagen production for more youthful-looking skin
  • Easy and affordable way to rejuvenate the skin and tighten areas of skin laxity

Schedule an appointment at our office today to discuss the benefits of collagen induction therapy using the SkinTyte treatment!

If you live in Kapolei, Hawaii, and want to speak to our team about the benefits of SkinTyte treatment for your skin and body, call the office today at (808) 900-4351. Our practice, located at 1020 Kakala Street, Suite #902, is open to new and returning patients in the community who are ready to rejuvenate their skin and body with today’s amazing technologically advanced services. We are excited to meet you and discuss your skin care and body contouring goals!