Microlaser Peel by Sciton


A thin layer of the skin can be precisely treated with microlaser peel. This superficial skin either damaged by UV light and showing signs of aging can be restored to a youthful appearance with this procedure. This procedure can be performed on the whole face and it is commonly used to reduce aging lines around the mouth and eyes. Scars can also be minimized with the treatment, like acne scars or surgical scars.

After a topical anesthetic is applied for 30 minutes, a precise computerized laser device by Sciton will generate a laser beam that will treat the areas of concern. Dr. Chen will set up the depth of the treatment depending on the skin problem. Microlaser peel is commonly done together with Profractional laser treatment to give you the best rejuvenating result.

What to expect and recovery period

Depending on the depth of the treatment your discomfort will vary from minimum to moderate heat sensation. The discomfort is minimized by using a cooling device during and after the treatment.

A whole face treatment may take from 20-30 minutes. Some redness (like sunburned) may be expected at the end of the procedure and also a glassy dehydrated skin may follow. This skin can slowly peel off allowing the new skin to glow.

Sun protection and avoidance recommended 3 weeks prior and after the treatment.