Profractional by Sciton


Looking for a treatment that can give you new skin with minimum downtime? Look no further, Profractional laser utilizes a focal laser beam in the wavelength of 2940 nm and it can generate new skin and collagen production. Dr. Chen can control the amount and depth of treatment required to treat the skin problem such as sun damage, wrinkles and restore the health of the skin to a youthful stage.

After the skin is numbed with a topical cream. The profractional laser is precisely delivered onto the skin treating small columns of skin and leaving the surrounding skin intact for faster healing. The physician will be able to set personalized treatment depth for each area of the face achieving the best outcome.

During the treatment you may feel heat and minimal pain that can be controlled with a cooling device during and after the treatment.

What to expect and recovery period

Your skin and its needs are as individual as you are. With this in mind your treatment will be unique to you and tailored to your needs.

Depending on the depth of the treatment, you may have a down time from 4-7 days. Some pinpoint bleeding may occur immediately after treatment. Redness of the entire area treated will occur followed by darkening or coffee beam like discoloration that flakes off after a few days.

Sun exposure and protection will be required 3 weeks before treatment and after treatment. If you have a history of cold sore, an anti-viral treatment will be recommended before and continued for 3 days after treatment.