Laser Eyelid Rejuvenation


It has been said the eyes are the window to one’s soul. They are not only the window to our soul but they are the first to show signs of aging!

Laser Eyelid rejuvenation treatment utilizes a combination treatment of Microlaser peel and Profractional to restore the skin elasticity around the eyes and possibly restore the youthfulness of your eyes.

It is performed under topical anesthetic. After 30 minutes of numbing cream, Microlaser peel laser is utilized to resurface the skin followed by Profractional treatment to create new collagen and new skin. Your eyes are protected with a metallic shield throughout the treatment with little-to-no risk of damage.

What to expect and recovery period

Minimum heat sensation (like a sunburn) on the skin with some possibility of minimum bleeding and minor bruising can occur.

Depending on the depth of the treatment, recovery can take anywhere from 3 – 7 days. Ice needs to be applied over the treated areas for 3 days. After the swelling goes down, some redness may remain for up to 2 weeks.

Sun exposure should be avoided at all costs 3 weeks before treatment and sun protection and avoidance will be needed after treatment. If you have a history of cold sores, please notify our physician so appropriate prophylactic treatment can be started prior to your treatment.

You may require more then one treatment depending on the severity of the skin condition.